Nature App

Exploration of Nature
Project Details

UI/UX, Branding, Graphic Design

A client approached Ockupy to design a nature exploration app. "Nature App" allows users to take pictures of animal/plant species they may or may not know and gain insight of their biology. This was a great experience for users of all ages to learn more about their surroundings. Client wanted to have a overall app to procure investors to develop this app.
Rita and her team researched competitor apps to see other possiblities of redesigning a better app. They interviewed users of other competitors' app to understand the pros and cons. Wireframes to high-fidelity to basic mock-ups were created and explained throroughly to the client. Rita led the team for the branding and UI designs. Upon the final deliverable for the client, we presented the brand and UI/UX guidelines along with a mid-fidelity live user flow mock-up of the app.

Wireframe & UX

User Flow

UI Style Guidelines