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Multimedia Artist, Innovative Storytelling, Elusive Digital Design

About Her

The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Rita is a digital designer capable of building websites, retouching images and print design. Detail-oriented and communicative, Rita can give advice in marketing for clients. Her clients often praise her for quick turnaround, patience and feel comfortable working
with her through revisions and refinements. Rita enjoys working on a team, collaborating on a project, sharing ideas and techniques.

A visit to Kingston begins the moment you turn off a remote country road in Casablanca onto our hidden palm drive.

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Kingston Family Vineyards

A venture-backed luxury fashion e-commerce website, a marketplace for the world's leading emergin luxury dseigners.

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Doka Square is a gathering space for all to enjoy a meal and drinks in vibrant neighborhood.

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Doka Square



From brainstorming to the finished product, devise a compelling visual identity to create a distinctive experience.

Web Design

Analyze and reconstruct your site to reach its optimal potential.

Graphic Design

Orchestrate exclusive designs, ranging from contemporary to modern.


Fast and efficient coding with quick turnarounds. Knowledgeable in HTML/CSS and Wordpress.

Digital Marketing

Amplify your revenue. Develop a specific digital marketing strategy to accommodate your vision.

Photography / Video

From capturing tender moments to creating videos with quality digital effects, Rita’s knack for storytelling through visuals will take your project to new heights.

What people say?

Rita is an extremely organized, efficient and dedicated creative. I had the pleasure of working with her for years in different projects and she left an extraordinary mark on each one of them. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks made a great difference in the productivity level of the team. She was always willing to listen and take feedback with great attitude making everyone feel included. She is warm, honest and very thoughtful person. She earned my highest recommendation. Rita will be a great asset for her next team!

Mara Behrens, Creative Director at EAT Club

What people say?

With a range of skills from print to digital design to video editing, Rita can do it all and if she's never done it, she's willing to research and learn. She also works amazingly quickly without sacrificing quality and was extremely patient with us and prompt to respond as we changed our ideas about projects or made edits. Always a pleasure to work with, I knew I could count on Rita for any design project. I can't emphasize enough how great she was to work with and envy the next team who gets to benefit from her talents!

Eliana Arredondo, Marketing Manager at Kingston Family Vineyards

What people say?

I established my business, Tabbystyle and I hired Rita for website. During the time that Rita worked for me, I found her to be very efficient and helpful. I could always count on her to pitch in where needed, often with very short notice. Rita dedicated energetic, positive and conscientious in whatever she undertakes to do.

Tabitha Seminaro, TabbyStyle.com